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Balla Ranks to release another album, poised to make waves

Jul 26, 2013, 12:05 PM

Gambian afro-manding musician Balla Ranks is working day and night to surprise all music lovers by producing another album that will also be the talk of the country and the world.

“People are saying that I am a bit quiet now in the music industry since I released my debut album “Emira” (Think) two years ago. I am working on another album,” the Afro-Manding artiste said.

Balla Ranks revealed to Entertainment and Lifestyle that he is currently working on his album and will soon deliver it to the general public, adding that he has almost done the recording an album that will be a hit as one of the songs expresses concern about the Casamance situation.

He said he did a song with Jamaican Dancehall artiste Tenza the boss lady, entitled “She is not for Sale”, which will also part of the album.

He added that his latest single entitled “Casamance kelolamira” (about the war in Casamance) will also be included in the upcoming album.

Ask about the name of the album, he said: “I want the name to be a surprise as all the songs are rich and mature, recorded in a standard recording studio.”

Balla Ranks commended his fans for always be there for him, and the management team for their professional work, saying the upcoming album will be extraordinary.