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Attitudinal change

Dec 28, 2012, 9:01 AM

Many a time, people talk about the need for attitudinal change in the country.

There is no doubt that there is need for people to change their attitude, if the country wants to attain her development aspirations.

We believe that the attainment of the MDGs, Vision 2020, the PAGE and the Silicon Valley, as we always emphasise in these pages, cannot and will not be achieved unless we as Gambians change our attitude, and work with clean hands for the development of our motherland.

The reality is that while most Gambians are very hard-working and committed in their work, a few are still not doing well.

The development of this country requires the collective responsibility of all and sundry.

There is no doubt that the way and manner in which some young people comport themselves in this present generation leaves much to be desired.

While some of them are hardworking, and very much committed to their cause of succeeding in life, many others are either lazy or involved in crime and other nefarious activities.

Many young people in the habit of doing dubious things often fail to realise that crime can harm communities, create a culture of fear and damage the lives of some of our most vulnerable young people, as well as properties.

Some of the major risk factors that increase the chances of young people committing crimes include drug or alcohol misuse, mental illness, and peer group pressure, just to name a few.

Our young people need to know that the future of this country lies in their hands.

However, if they fail to be responsible by laying a good foundation, our future will be bleak.

We also urge the parents, teachers and guardians to continue to play their parental role in the nurturing and upbringing of the young ones.

Our young people must take their learning seriously, while those out of school should make an effort to acquire useful skills and a vocation; while learning to comport themselves well and rededicate themselves to become responsible future leaders.

They should also venture into productive endeavours such as carpentry, plumbing, metal work, tailoring, and construction, farming and fishing, among others, so as to contribute their quota to nation-building.

But the problem is not only with the young people even some adults are also found wanting thus the need for attitudinal change.

So, the issue of altitudinal change in the country is cross-cutting and touches almost all.