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At TRRC: Son narrates mother’s sorrowful ordeal before her death

Nov 29, 2019, 1:54 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Buba Jarju, a native of Sintet on Wednesday explained in sorrowful tone how his mother met her untimely demise after the 2009 infamous raid on communities to arrest those believed to be witches and wizards.

At a recent TRRC’s regional hearings held in Sibanor, Jarju maintained that his mother, Sansang Camara was taken to Kanilai on the 9th of March 2000 and returned on the 10th and passed away on March 26th 2000.

Recalling the twist of events on the faithful day of her mother’s arrest, He informed that his mother went to attend a ceremony at a nearby compound, where she was picked-up and taken to Kanilai alongside others.

He recalled that the witch-hunters where carrying horns, caw tails, mirrors and they were dressed in reds.

The witness indicated that he was able to recognise paramilitary personnel amongst the people, who were helping the visiting team of witch hunters to capture those believed to be witches in Sintet.

Jarju explained that his younger brother in the person of Ousman Jarju, a paramilitary officer, was among the people who captured people, but he was not able to do anything about it as it was an executive order.

“I called my brother and asked whether my mother would be coming, but he said they were not ready with them and anytime they finished with them, they will return home.”

On the following day, the witness testified, his mother came but he was unhappy because of the condition she was; adding that she was given a concoction to drink

“At that time, she was not able to talk, neither able to sit or eat. And that was the time we took her to Bwiam hospital, where she was admitted and discharged after few days”.

She died on the third day after she left the hospital.

He also confirmed to the commission that his mother was very well before she was taken to Kanilai, emphasising that she developed her sickness during her detention in Kanilai.

He blamed in the strongest term Jammeh for being responsible of his mother’s ill health and subsequent dead.

“The death of my mother disturbs me a lot because since my father died, I used to be with her. She was the one paying my school fees and my young ones. Everybody in our village knew that my mother was a great woman. I am the elder son of my parents who is in charge of the spending and that disturbed me because I have children who are going to school and depend on me.”