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Operation 3 Years Jotna Disassociate Themselves From Abdou Njie’s Statement Calling For Protest In December.

Nov 29, 2019, 2:07 PM

Three Years Jotna has no legal morality to request a violence protest from police. The 3 years Jotna under the leadership of Kaw Yerro  has in their strongest terms denounced Abdou Njie and his cohort of political opportunists for their illegal move which has the potential create chaos and Violence in the country. Peaceful protest is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution however any attempt to remove Barrow unconstitutionally and before the expiry of 3 years jotna by January 2020 will be illegal. The main objective to creating operation 3 years Jotna was to held our leaders accountable through peaceful means and not by hiding behind a political party wanting to remove Barrow from through window. The so-called chairman’s Abdou Njie letter dated on the 26 November,requesting a permit on behalf of 3 years Jotna to stage a protest next month to demand President Adama Barrow steps down is totally false and misleading only intended to mislead the population. We therefore urge all media houses to desist engaging such people as this has the potential to lit up our country. Any protest will be held on January when the President coalition agreement expires and not December as stated and this will be communicated to the general public.

All of the Coalition 2016 members recently came with their own versions of the MOU, with some saying it has been signed and others said it wasn’t. Even the OP is not now denying whether there was an agreement or not but the OP position is that the Constitution takes precedence over agreements. However, what all of them failed to do to back up their claims was to show Gambians a copy of the MOU whether SIGNED or NOT. How dishonest, immoral and lack of integrity is that on the part of our politicians?

This should convinced every Gambian that politicians, especially our very own can’t be trusted and that we should stop defending them if we are all truly patriotic for our country. Gambians should understand that no country is ruled by election campaign promises. Gambians in 2016 went to the polls by constitutional provisions and not MOU/Coalition agreement which was not even signed. The Constitution is supremely supreme law of the land. We are not advocating for anyone but this is the fact.

It’s the constitution that gave President Barrow the 5years mandate and not any other person or group of people. Barrow was supposed to be a transitional President but the very members of the coalition made him an Executive President. As such, it’s erroneous to say that he’s hiding behind the constitution.The Constitution is the law of the land.

All Gambians including all the 2016 Coalition members know that the constitution is the law of the land, but yet because of their own personal and selfish reasons, they lied to us by coming up with a bogus MOU) Coalition Agreement and 3 years transitional mandate and asked Gambians to support them on these lies, knowing fully well that they will NOT abide by them because they are NOT men of integrity.

I am a patriotic Gambian by all standards. My interest is Gambia first before any other politician. What some of us fail to understand is that the Gambia went to the polls in 2016 because the constitution provides for that. It was not the other way round.Even IEC when declaring the elections, the IEC chair declared Barrow as the winner and should serve for 5 years as per constitution,the IEC chair never quoted the coaliation agreement/MOU.Even in Senegal our neighbor where coalition governments has ruled for the past decades, the Constitution always takes precedence over coalition agreements. For example what would have happened if the elections were won by either the APRC or the GDC? Would we have been talking about the president leaving after three years? No,we wouldn’t be, and what we need to understand also is that the majority of the Gambians that voted in 2016 presidential election actually voted for 5years and not three years.I am a patriotic Gambian and have the moral right to support any political party or individual I choose to. I do not think there is any crime in that. My current position is that MOU/ Coalition Agreement is in conflict with the supreme law of the land, the constitution. On that case it is the agreement that must discarded. I think it was an error on the part of the coalition members. As it stands now, Barrow cannot be forced to resign. If chooses to resign, it’s well and good. If he decides to go by the Constitutional provision of 5 years mandate, no one can do anything about that.

The coalition agreement was our only shot to remove Jammeh and the coalition partners just couldn’t muscle beyond 3 years,  however they never had plan B. The failure we’re seeing now is as a result of that leadership foresight. Perhaps there was plan B but it never materialized. Additionally, the failures we’re seeing now is a culmination of greed and selfishness.

If truth be told and we are truly honest to ourself, how many of us truly voted Barrow in as per their election campaign promises beyong booting Yaya Jammeh out.

Seriously, the majority of us Gambians voted Yaya Jammeh out because we were tired of his rule. Those who supported the Coalition saw an opportunity to get a strong force that can send Jammeh out. Many hardly bothered about what they promised. So if you are one of those too much worried about the Coalition promise, how can you hold anyone responsible when the people who made the promise together are no more in a viable coalition? How can you have an issue with a president who does not belong to any party at present and who only repeated a coalition decision when the same coalition is nonexistent. How can anyone hold Barrow accountable when the Coalition is in disarray...? These are realities we should face. No amount of demonstrations can have any meaning when the group that made the promises are themselves broken up...President Barrow has become himself an accident of circumstances because unless he wishes to resign, he does not seem to be tied to any Coalition so he is a lone wolf without a pack.

The Coalition members could have been truthfully to Gambians about the 2016 Coalition MOU/Agreement.

I do agree that greed and selfishness were additional reasons for the coalition’s crumble and failure.

The MOU is just a political message that is unconstitutional. Every political party campaign on a massage in other to draw more people at their side but that doesn’t mean if they failed to live up to their promises we have to demonstrate to forcefully remove them from the power.  That is text book definition of coup.

There were hundreds of massages that coalition campaign on why picking one out of the lot.

In short 3 years Jotna under the so-called leadership of KingSports and his ill-inform chairman,Abdou Njie is politically, motivated and is a domestic terrorism. Their camp is hijacked and politicize by UDP and want to remove President Barrow through the window,which is unconstitutional and unacceptable. It could be recall that both this people were expelled from 3 years Jotna,so they have no moral authority to speak for 3 years Jotna. The rightful authority and holders of 3 years Jotna is Kaw Yerro and his executives. Consequently we are urging all Gambians to desist engaging and adhering to this violent and political group calling themselves 3 years Jotna. 3 Years Jotna hasn’t applied for any permit and there fore Abdou Njie and his group should stop misleading the population. Till the expiry of the coalition agreement in 20 January 2020,the position of 3 years Jotna is to engage government,coalition, partners and all stakeholders to a dialogue so as to come up with a lasting solution for all this saga.Any protest in December shouldn’t be entertain by the authorities,its unconstitutional only meant to instigate Violence in the Gambia.We are therefore urging the Gambia police not to issue any permit in the name of 3 years Jotna until they hear from us in January 2020 when the coalition agreement expires.

I just do not know which country in the world is ruled by campaign promises.

3 years Jotna under the so-called leadership of KingSports and Abdou Njie is illegally illegal as they are only bend on using the vulnerable population for their selfish and political agenda. It’s politically motivated. It mustn’t be encouraged at all,Barrow has up to January 2020, so why calling on this premature protest just instigate Violence.The group can be allow a peaceful protest but any attempt plunge the country into violence should be crush with the full force of the law. As the founder(Kaw Yerro) of Operation 3 years Jotna our initial thoughts and plans were to compel Barrow to honor the coalition agreement through peaceful means and not by force however of recent we have realized that Gambians has been misled by the coalition members hence no need to continue with the planned December  protest until the out come of our proposed dialogue with the coalition stakeholders. We are if the firm view the everything is possible through negotiations,so let’s give it a chance. 3 years Jotna under the leadership of Kaw Yerro are ready to open a dialogue with the government of Adama Barrow.There is only less than 2 years  now before 2021 elections,so let’s give dialogue a chance before putting our country into chaos.

There is no misconception about our constitution, the Constitution is very clear, it says an elected president should serve 5 years from there we go back to the pool. 

Again the same Constitution provides for the president to resign if he want to but we’re not there yet or haven’t reach were the president can resign.

Where we are in is very simple ABC,there are set of groups that where not satisfy  with the president and they want to force him out, which to me is second to nothing when it comes to coup.  These the same groups who have tried three times from occupied Westfield to Faraba Bantang nothing works .Now 3 years jotna which doesn’t make any sense to me . Many are hiding behind 3 years Jotna to advance their political and personal interest contrary to the reasons why we formed Operation 3 years Jotna. As the founder , most of them were in my groups but we had to expelled them for political and selfish reasons.The forceful removal of the constitutional President is a pure domestic terrorism. What is the difference between 3 years jotna and military coup? No difference.  Darboe and UDP now wants to hijack the 3 years Jotna and remove Barrow through the window, this is unacceptable and unconstitutional.

I sometimes blame the security forces especially SIS,CID and the State security,let them do their work and communicate with Gambians,we are now in democracy, nothing to fear if you don’t do any wrong.

The security should be on high alert and fully prepared for any unconstitutional act. The peace and stability of the country cannot be compromised. We have seen what happened in war torn countries. It’s just unfair for someone to pout of the jurisdiction and be causing trouble in the country. Gambia has nothing other than our peace. This peace should be jealously guarded by all GAMBIANS irrespective of where you live in the world.This is the only country we have, the country is bigger than any person or political party. Most of the UDP Diasporans  hiding behind 3 years Jotna are instigating violence by removing Barrow through the window,which is unacceptable. This is why the Top executives decided to expel two of its members,KingSports in USA and Sheriff Ceesay in UK from the top executives for politically motivated reasons using 3 years Jotna as a cover up.

Most of the so-called organizers in the diaspora said they are going to demonstrate to force Barrow out of the office. Most Gambians are being deceived by this noise makers and most people did not know who are the people behind 3 years Jotna and their motives. Pls be informed that those behind this 3 years Jotna and now turned to a terrorist act are all living out side.Most of them are pretenders to be in good condition just to mislead the population. Most of them as we understand sleeps in old trucks while some has already filed in their asylum.We were all in the same group more than one year since Barrow formed his government.They are the same  people  behind occupied Westfield, and  they are the same people behind Faraba Bantang they failed in all . They all have different agendas other than removing Barrow unconditionally.

Most of our top executives lives in Europe or USA and few in Asia. Prominent among them is the famous musician Demba Conta Sweden I never thought Demba conta is this back warded in mentality, Bakary Trawally USA,Lamin Saddam Sanyang Holland, Tafa Manjang USA, Sheriff Ceesay UK, Yakumba Sarr UK, Jainaba Sonko Gambia,Dembo Jadama Gambia,Abdou Njie our local chairman in the Gambia, Jainaba Sonko Gambia, Lang Sonko Gambia,Drammane USA, Mamanding Darboe USA,Ansu Jammeh Russia,Alagie Touray,Aramata Jabbi Gambia,Morro Danpha,Alagie Touray Spain,Bakary sanneh,Sheikh Omar Gambia,Morikebba Tamba Spain,Omar Barrow Germany,Mr. Danso USA, Hajgie Suwareh Gambia,Abdoulie Darboe Gambia, Jerro Saidkhan,Modou Ba Danso Italy,Sulayman Shingle Nyassi UK,Mr. Kaira UK,Yankuba Fatty Germany, etc. I can provide you with the full list of all the 60 top executive members and where they live in abroad or Gambia. We were all having one WhatsApp group chat where all decisions and operational planning are made. Most of us only meet on social media,we haven’t met physically. Right now there’s lots of disagreement regarding funding and meetings.King Sports have been lying alot about finances and this has caused division and Chaos within the movement.They are only making empty noises on social media. Most of them are certified liars. KingSports is a certified liar. King Sports and some of his so-calls in the diaspora are pretending to be in a good condition while most of them are paperless and using the 3 years jotna as scapegoat for their selfish interest.

Off recent there was mass resignation from 3 years as a result of political interferences,some has even started withdrawing their support for 3 years Jotna,many Gambians has also begins to change their support for 3 years Jotna.

Information is Power, we are urging the OP not to underrate the power of the Social media, the Gambia is still an illiterate society, What they see or hear in social media even if not true that’s what they tend to believe. The diasporas also have some influence because of the  food they put on the so-called table or remittances.The mentality and the mindset still much to be decided.

This is why we decided to expel some of them and engaged government on a meaningful dialogue so as to come up with a lasting solution to this 3 years Jotna movement. Believe me even if this 3 years jotna don’t work they again come up with plan C because I realized that they are all jumping the ship fear of been exposed.

The fact fact is and what is even more clearer is that come December you will not see single one of them  in the Gambia. Most of them are leading fake life including the so-called KingSports and Sheriff Ceesay of UDP

Unless and until we get to the root cause of this political ping-pong, and not only identify,but address them for the love for our country and not political party  interest, we will find it very difficult to move on as a country.

When the will of the Gambian people was dump in the dust bins for the benefit of a particular Interest and we never took to the streets to demand the MOU that Gambians voted on to be honoured.

Instead maintain the perfect ideas of the MOU / coalition agreement, they chose partisans and there Tactical Alliance was born which eventually murdered the Coalition.

All this while, we never took to the streets to demand for honour of the will of the Gambian people.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe challenged the constitutionality of the MOU and vowed to file a law suit against anyone who wants to say that Barrow must step down after three years agreed by the Coalition and we never took to the streets to protest.

When Darboe was thrown out of the State House, all the noise and chaos began and now all of a sudden, we want to demand the resignation of a democratically elected president by Force or any means necessary.

This is treasonous!!

Adama Barrow has less than two more years to serve and that must be respected.

Any attempt by any group of people or political party in the name of 3 years Jotna to get Barrow resigned by force before the end of the 5years constitutional mandate would tantamount to treason. The security forces are fully prepared for any eventuality. The peace and security of the country are our only natural resources and they must be jealousy guarded at all costs. This isn’t about defending President Barrow but defending the constitution. The Gambia is greater than any person or political party.

As Gambians,  I believe we can only be a subject of this beautiful country, than a subject of a particular politician or Political Party.

We as a people have to be openly praising our leaders whenever and wherever necessary, equally criticise them whenever and wherever they go wrong.

Blindly defending our politicians emboldened them to become a Dictator whenever they reach that throne.

No president came to power as a Dictator but He’s made one by the very people who keeps praising him when he deserves it but never criticise when he goes wrong.

This is ridiculous!!

Gambia don’t need political instability.

The 3 years Jotna movement which was supposed to be peaceful now hijacked by disasterous interest groups and the outcome of this protests will be overwhelmingly catastrophic both economically and visually.

Burning of tires on public roads and destruction of properties will be met with calculated measures and the perpetrators will face the heavy weight of the law of the land.

Remember one thing, today Gambians are very divided on this issue, and majority of Gambians are for the 5 years,not that I’m supporting Barrow but this is the fact. Gambians are every changing and Shifting their loyalty and support for President Barrow. Therefore you’re not representing me, and hundreds of thousands of Gambians in any of your Democratic, but unjustifiable demands at this right time and moment !!

By Kaw Yerro Founder and Chairman

For Operation 3 Years JOTNA

Top Executives

Email: yerronjallow8969@gmail.com