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Assailant convicted

Nov 25, 2013, 9:36 AM

One Ebrima Ndong was recently convicted and sentenced to a fine of D10,000 in default to serve one year in prison with hard labour by the Brikama Magistrates’ Court, presided over by Magistrate Jagne.

Ndong, who was convicted for assault, was also ordered to compensate each of the complainants D200.

The particulars of offence on count one read that on 10 September 2011, at Brikama, the accused, Ebrima Ndong, assaulted one Fatou Jallow, by stabbing her on her face, right hand and under her breast, causing her grievous bodily harm.

Count two stated that on the same date and place, he assaulted one Yaya Jallow, by stabbing him on his forehead and left hand, causing him grievous bodily harm.

Delivering her judgement, the trial magistrate stated that the accused was arraigned on two counts, which he had denied.

She said the prosecution, in proving their case, called three witnesses and tendered exhibits, while the accused testified as a lone witness.

According to the prosecution’s witnesses, the accused assaulted the complainants and when they were taking him to the police, he escaped and was apprehended after one year, said the magistrate.

For his part, the accused told the court that he was coming from a nightclub with his friend and while passing by the Fula’s compound, he was apprehended and assaulted, which was why he escaped to seek medical care, the magistrate stated.

She further stated that she believed that when one was assaulted, he or she should go to the police and not to run away from them, adding that she believed the prosecution’s witnesses that the accused had run away.

Magistrate Jagne said she also believed the prosecution witnesses had spoken the truth, because if the accused was assaulted and escaped to seek medical care, he should have reported back to the station.

In his plea of mitigation, the accused begged the court for mercy, saying he was already serving a two-year sentence.