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Appreciating NGOs

Feb 10, 2012, 11:56 AM

Non-governmnetal organizations (NGOs) have been operating in The Gambia for several decades.

They are complementing the government’s efforts in many areas such as education, health, environment, human rights and agriculture.

Their inpact could be seen in all regions of the country, empowering communities to improve their livelihood.

On the occasion of the launching of the NGO Week 2012, we congratulate all NGOs operating in The Gambia for their efforts, and for working to improve the living standard of the citizenry.

We must emphasis that failing to recognise the important role NGOs are playing in the society would be a mistake.

It is clear and a fact that without the timely intervention of NGOs, many people in The Gambia by now would not have had access to clean water, quality education, and so.

Other than the services they offer to the communities, NGOs in the country also provide employment opportunities for many Gambians.

It is also believed that NGOs have greatly contributed to poverty reduction initiatives, in line with government programmes such as the SPAs, the PRSPs and now the PAGE.

It is also worth mentioning that NGOs are playing a great role in the country’s democratization processes, and in enhancing good governance in the cuntry.

However, despite their great role in the society, they have been encountering a number of challenges, and have their own weaknesses.

We hope that they would use this NGO Week not only to highlight their achivements, but also  to brainstorm on their weaknesses and challenges, and work towards a more vibrant NGO community in The Gambia.

We must emphasise that NGOs should be given the enabling environment to play their part in the development of the country, since they support and strengthen the work of the government in all the priority sectors.