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Ansu Among Top Finishers in NY

Aug 20, 2009, 8:08 AM

Gambian long distance runner Ansu Sowe completed the New York half Marathon road race Sunday in a fantastic timing of 1:11:09,  One hour 11 minutes 9 seconds, says Gam Sports.com 

Competing along side a world class field of stars, the Gambian finished 27th position in an event which produced 10,167 finishers from NYC and all over the world.

The Gambian was on Monday congratulated by the organisers of the half marathon, the fourth edition, in a special letter dispatched to him. The letter, signed by Mary Wittenberg, race director, read:

''Congratulations on finishing the NYC Half-Marathon! You're now one of our stars. You've completed a spectacular 13.1-mile journey through the heart of Manhattan, and we hope it was an incredible experience. The fourth annual NYC Half-Marathon attracted 10,167 finishers from NYC and all over the world. On behalf of NYRR and the City of New York, I applaud your accomplishment".