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Another Success Story

May 23, 2016, 11:52 AM

After the thrashing of Shooting Stars of Sierra Leone four weeks ago, the Darling Scorpions have hit another resounding success over the team described as the ‘powerhouse’ of Africa, Morocco.

Our Under-20 boys have continued to do wonders in the African U-20 Youth Championship Qualifiers.

Their latest successful stride to get to the Championship finals, which will be held in Zambia in 2017, was registered on Saturday 21 May 2016 at the Independence Stadium where they mauled the Young Atlas Lions of Morocco one-nil, making it more comfortable for them to eliminate the Moroccans in the second leg at Rabat, where the latter are expected to put up stiff resistance to overturn the Banjul results.

But if our boys are continually motivated with the due incentives they can face that challenge head on and emerge victorious, considering the excellent performance they put up in the Saturday match.

The boys therefore still need to be really motivated because they are determined to give The Gambia successful results whenever they compete, as can be testified by the wonderful performances they have been putting up throughout their campaign in the Qualifiers to this stage, which is just a step to reaching Zambia.

Meanwhile, the Saturday performance by the Darling Scorpions will be remembered as one of the best we have ever seen put up on home soil by any Gambian national squad for a very long time.

We have also noticed that there is some sense of discipline and unity in performance among the boys.

The team formation was really brilliant, and the coach must also be commended for the good job.

Coach Omar Ceesay has even told the press that he was not that interested in how much he is paid; rather his uppermost goal is to achieve successful results for the team and advance the country’s football.

At this juncture it is vital to hint that the senior national team, which has been finding it very difficult to register good success for the nation, should learn from the Darling Scorpions.

The Darling Scorpions are showing Gambians they are ready to sacrifice to register successes for the nation, hence the senior Scorpions – both players and officials – must strive hard to as well register success for the nation.

Meanwhile, we say bravo Darling Scorpions!

Congrats Darling Scorpions!

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