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Another Babylon Looms in Nyofelleh

May 26, 2008, 5:56 AM | Article By: By Abba A.S Gibba

The people of Nyofelleh Madina village in Kombo Central, better known as Busuranding, 8 km from Brikama, are reportedly locked in a land dispute with a family in Gunjur, Kombo South.

The dispute, surfacing few months after a similar one in Babylon, has prompted many to dread a repetition of Babylon type disturbances in which 95 people were dragged to court for arson, going armed in public, among others.

The disputed area is situated between the villages of Nyofelleh Madina, Taibato, in Kombo Central,Kunkujang and Nyofelleh Bain Kombo South, and lies about 7 km fromGunjur.

The Gunjur family in question, Mang Kunda, allegedly took ownership of a vast area of land measuring more than a kilometre square. Believing it to be their property, the family apportioned and allocated the land to people, giving out 2000 plots to and still allocating.

The fact is that there is widespread opinion that the issue, if not resolved by the relevant authorities, could lead to a similar case to that of the much-talked about Babylon issue. The area in dispute is called by some as Sinchu Wurriwhile others call it Gunjur Mang Kunda.

The people of Nyofelleh Madina have alleged that one Kantai Touray from the said Mang Kunda family is responsible for the apportioning and allocating of the plots to people, an area which they say has been their farm for more than 60 years. They claim that this has not only affected the people of Nyofelleh Madina, but all the surrounding villages who all use the area for farming purposes.

According to them, the matter has reached the office of the Governor of Western Region, but nothing has yet been done about it.

They are of the view that Nyofelleh Madina became officially recognised as a village of its own since 1958 and is part of Kombo Central and not Kombo South.

This paper paid a visit to the area and found out that those allocated plots are already busy felling trees and erecting buildings.