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Wrestling Association hands stiff ruling against Wrestler Li-Chorr, Kapsin Promotion

May 27, 2013, 11:03 AM

The disciplinary committee of the Gambia Wrestling Association has made strong rulings against Kapsin Promotion and wrestler Li Chorr for violating the rules of the game.

Kapsin promotion was said to have breached a contract, signed on 12th April 2013 between wrestler Ernest of Ampaya Wrestling Club in Latri Kunda German and Kapsin Promotion, in which the combat was slated for 5th May 2013.

The Gambia Wrestling Association, following a compliant lodged by the wrestling club, according to Habibou Nyassi, GWA’s Secretary-General have terminated the contract signed between wrestler Ernest and Kapsin promotion and the advance, which was given to the wrestler on the day the contract had been signed is now rendered null and void.

“However, you are also informed that the advance given to you by the promoter without the consent of the GWA is between you and the promoter, as the GWA will not be held responsible of an advance payment that was not done in the GWA office,” Secretary- General Nyassi pointed out.

The wrestler is now free to take or sign bout with any promoter of his choice, with effect from May 20th 2013.

In another ruling, handed down by the disciplinary committee, Wrestler Li-Chorrhas been suspended for the rest of the season, after being found wanting for violating wrestling rules for the second timeon 5th May 2013 in Kunkujang Wrestling Arena.

A letter from the Gambia Wrestling Association to the wrestler’s manager has stated that, “This is the second of its kind when it comes to the violation of wrestling rules by your wrestler Li-chorr. After going through the referee report, it was confirmed that your wrestler gave two blows to his opponent, after sending him on the ground on free style wrestling.

A decision has been taken by the disciplinary committee of this association to suspend your wrestler for the rest of the wrestling season, not to wrestle or enter a wrestling arena in The Gambia. A fine of five hundred Dalasis (D500. 00) is also levied on him to be paid before his return to the arena and he is urged to surrender his licence to the GWA office.

The manager was also urged to seriously warn wrestler Li-chorr to desist from such act, as it will be his final warning. Any repeat of such or any mistake in the arena will result in an end of his wrestling in The Gambia.”