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Alleged international scam uncovered

Dec 11, 2009, 9:55 AM | Article By: Sainey MK Marenah

A scam involving a UK-based Gambian who issued false cheques to Approve Service and Bureau de Change with the intention of depriving them of huge sum of money has recently been uncovered.

According to Mr. Kebba Sunkung Saho, the General Manager of Approve Service and Bureau de Change, which is located at No 12 Kairaba Avenue, one Ousman Edi Coro Sallah, a Gambian based in London, UK has been issuing false cheques into their accounts through their Birmingham office in the UK on several occasions.

Mr. Sallah had been instructing a lady named Amie Secka, who is in The Gambia to come to the Bureau de Change to collect the money only to send it back to him in the UK through Money Gram.

Speaking to this reporter at his office along

Kairaba Avenue
, Mr. Saho said around Tobaski, Sallah often sends money through cheques to their UK office for his accomplice, Amie Secka.

According to Mr. Saho, on 15th November 2009, Amie received an amount of D16, 095 from him. 

On 19th November, she again received D16, 416 and on 23rd she collected D15, 947, amounting to D48, 458.00.

He said it was discovered during his fourth attempt that the cheques he had been issuing were false. He said that their UK office mounted an investigation, but were unable to trace him because he uses different names.

Consequently, he said Amie was arrested.

When contacted Superintendent Sulayman Secka, the Police Public Relations Officer confirmed the story. He said the accused is in the UK and he had been doing such for a while in different places with different names.

According to him, the Fraud Squad is investigating the matter.