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Alleged false information case continues

Dec 24, 2010, 2:06 PM | Article By: Binta Fatty-Gitteh

The criminal trial of Nambel Jawo, Omar Jallow, Amadou Jallow, Amadou Kah, Ansu Jarju and Sulayman Jallow, who allegedly gave false information to a public officer, continued recently at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Babucarr Secka.

Testifying, the fourth accused, Amadou Kah, told the court that he is a native of Kassa Kunda, and could recall what happened some time in 2006.

He said that in 2006, the sixth accused, Sulayman Jallow, came and asked him to accompany him to one Seedy Dem for Dem to return the black bull.

“I told him that I would not do that, because at the time of the exchange I was not present,” Kah told the court.

Sulayman Jallow, Kah added, told him that one Momodou Jallow of Kassa Kunda was present at the time of the exchange.

“I asked who was the owner of the black bull, and he told me that it was owned by one Alagie Jobe, a marabout at Kembujeh village,” he added.

DW4 further adduced that he again asked the sixth accused whether the owner was aware of the exchange and, in response, he said the owner was aware.

He added that the 6th accused told him that the owner said he did not need either the bull or the money, but just a cow.

“One day, I went to the Brikama Health Centre, where I met a police officer, who told me that he went to my compound on two occasions, but could not meet me,” DW4 added.

The officer, Kah added, told him that he was investigating one case, and asked whether he was aware that a black bull was slaughtered at Marakissa village.

Kah added that he told the officer that, some time ago, Sulayman Jallow (the 6th accused) had informed him that Seedy Dem exchanged a black bull from him.

“The officer had been following me on several occasions about this black bull issue. I went and asked Sulayman what was going on, because a police officer was following me about this black bull issue.”

DW4 further revealed that Sulayman (the 6th accused) then told him that the bull was slaughtered as charity.

“One day, the officer called me again, and asked to meet him at Brikama. Upon my arrival, he asked me who were present at the time of slaughtering the bull,” he added.

Kah said he told the officer that he knew two people, who were present at the time of slaughtering the bull, adding that he went to see them, and that all of them went to see the officer.

He adduced that he was later arrested, and taken to the Brikama Police Station, while his co-accused persons were taken to Kotu Police Station.

The case was at that juncture adjourned for continuation.