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Airline safety

Jan 27, 2010, 1:54 PM

Airline safely continues to be one of the biggest challenges confronting the African continent.

Just recently an Ethiopian Airline Boeing 737 - 800 crash off Beirut, Lebanon.

According to reports, already several bodies have been pulled out of sea, but no survivors have been found.

The flight ET 409 which was carrying some 90 passengers was heading to Ethiopia.

This is very sad and there is an urgent need for us to ensure airline safety.

The lives of innocent passengers should be fully protected at all times, more so by airline companies, who deal with one of the most sensitive travel routes.

Over the years, Africa has had its fair share of plane crash. This is rather unfortunate and all hands must be on deck to remedy the situation.

Our airline companies should always endeavour to ensure that the plane is in good condition and safe to carry people before they take off.

Countries must collectively ensure that before planes use their airways they are of high standard and pliable.

In this particular case, we urge the Ethiopian Airline authorities to investigate the matter with urgency to ascertain the root causes of the problem.

We believe that the lives of our travelers should always be a priority to our carriers.

Life is so precious to perish like that. Such calamities can cause hardship and suffering to the victims' immediate family members.

Safety therefore should never be compromised when it comes to air transport.