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Over the edge: Legalities of life, our choices and our future

Sep 22, 2010, 3:45 PM

A couple of years ago someone said to me "what is it you want most out of life?" At the time I was trying really hard to apply myself in solving a mathematical equation, so I gave a flippant answer tantamount to ?whatever I can do, whatever?.  I made this comment for two reasons. The first and obvious reason being, I wanted her off my back and more importantly, I honestly did not know what it was I wanted out of life, and needless to say it was alarming.

Alarming in what sense one might ask, after all it is a simple question I imagine a two  year old would have an answer to it but whereas their answer would probably have to do with sating a need as it arises, which could range from having all the time in the world to play to a lifetime supply of candy. In my case, I was faced with life itself and it?s many uncertainties and for the first ever, I can honestly say I have never been more scared. And that is where my column comes in, for regardless of our station in life, the colour of our skin or code of conduct we abide by. This column will be a revolutionary literary outlet which will embark on highlighting the different laws that govern the human race and the adherence or lack of it.

This column will be an outlet or avenue which will endeavour to address everyday issues such as:

?           Promotion of basic human rights

?           Feature articles on prominent individuals who have contributed their quota to humanity is development

?           Cultural and social differences

?           Racism and ways of bridging the divide

?           Peer pressure

?           Politics in our various places of work

?           Child injustices and abuse

?           Women?s rights and the ongoing battle for equality

?           Various legal systems and just how far they have gone to promote the basic needs of the common man

?           Physical, emotional, psychological and cyber bullying

?           Nature V Nurture- the dominant influence of modernization over core childhood values with special attention to:

o          Commitment and marriage

o          Education and success

o          Social Values

As well as focusing on issues of such a serious and crucially fundamental nature, this column will on occasion veer off and cover light articles on individual  interpretations of fashion and entertainment in relation to our civilisation, first as Africans, then as citizens of the world .This column will be suitable for readers of all ages, gender and affiliation. The readership?s contribution will also be hugely appreciated with feedback ranging on potential focus topics, or comments you wish to make concerning a past publication. I encourage your input for after all what are we without our readers and daily subscribers. Look out for OVER THE EDGE every Friday and join us in exploring the scantily or un-explored.