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African Liberation Day Observed

May 29, 2009, 6:57 AM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

As part of celebrations marking the African Liberation Day, the Foundation for Legal Aid, Research and Empowerment  (FLARE) and the Pan African Congress the Gambia (PAC) held a symposium at the Fr. Farrell Hall at West Field.

Speaking on the occasion, Halifa Sallah, spokesperson for NADD, advanced the notion that knowledge is pivotal in life, and no society can move without knowledge. He added that this day reflects just this. He pointed out that the more people participate the more they are enlightened about happenings around them.

'Those leaders who want to die for their people's freedom are the leaders Africans want,' he said.

Mr. Sallah noted that leadership is the ability to enlighten the masses, and that leadership in some places in Africa, is a disgrace and tantamount to nothing.

Allasana Keita, Professor and a lecturer at the UTG, said that Africa is the first continent of human life which is significant in our history adding that if all hands are on deck, Africa will achieve superiority.

Mr. Emil Touray, an editor with the Foroyaa Newspaper speaking at the commemoration, revealed that the media has a role to play in the African Liberation Day. Mr Touray said that he believed that the media is the most effective tool ever created in communication and liberation. Mr. Touray pointed out that Africa needs progressive leaders who have the interest of their people at heart, but not leaders who give bad signs to Africa everyday. 'The best way to control the people is to control the media,' he stated. He further went on to add that we need media that promote the unity of Africa, rather than criticizng to hinder development.