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ADWAC, AAITG hold interface with farmers on food security

Jun 4, 2014, 10:29 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

Agency for the Development of Women and Children, in collaboration with Action Aid International The Gambia, recently held a daylong interface meeting with farmers and stakeholders on women’s rights and sustainable livelihood.

The interface was held in Juffureh Upper Nuimi, North Bank Region with the synergic aim of increasing awareness among stakeholders to map ways of improving the welfare of the poor and vulnerable communities hard hit by the 2011 crop failure.

Faburama Fofana, ADWAC project officer on capacity building, noted that the interface would support farmers in the Local Rights Project Area 9 to build resilience and develop strategies in enhancing food production and productivity.

He said the 2011 crop failure resulted in food insecurity and loss of income for farming families.

He noted that the synergy would promote sustainable management resources and establish byelaws to enhance the management of farm inputs.

He said the training was for the Multidisciplinary Facilitation Teams on Participatory Vulnerability Analysis, restocking of seed/cereal banks and purchase of farm implements.

Lamin A. Jarju, ADWAC Livelihood Manager, said stakeholders and farmers needed to promote networking and information aimed at boosting food self-sufficiency.

The interface would strengthen awareness level of project beneficiaries and stakeholders on the MACF/CRSA project and carve a way forward, he said.

The project is currently working with 1800 beneficiaries drawn from 6 villages within the project intervention areas to boost production and productivity, he said.

It has also been implemented in The Gambia and Senegal, coordinated by Action Aid International The Gambia and Action Aid Senegal.

Aja Tako Taal, alkalo of Juffureh, thanked Action Aid and ADWAC for their support to farmers to enhance sustainable development, calling on the people to increase food production.

Omar Bah, ward councillor for Pakau Njogu, thanked ADWAC and Action Aid The Gambia for their immense support to farmers in food security and sustainable livelihood.

Targeted villages included Jimbana, Pakau Saloum, Pakau Njogu and Ma Demba Kunda Albreda Eco-zone, Touba kolong, Mbanat killing and Juffureh.