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Accused cross-examined in alleged theft case

Jul 11, 2011, 12:26 PM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

The criminal trial of theft involving one Adama Kulubally proceeded recently at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Tabally.

 Mr Kulubally was charged alongside Ebrima Sidibeh, Cherno Omar Sowe and Momodou Kuyateh on several counts of stealing from peoples’ vehicles, a charge they have all denied.

Testifying under cross-examination, the accused, Adama Kulubally, revealed that he came to The Gambia from Mali on 5 May 2005. 

He revealed that he was a businessman and that he purposely came to The Gambia to set a business in tie and dye, denying working with his co-accused to steal from peoples’ vehicles.

When it was put to him by the state prosecutor that in his statement he (the accused) admitted he stole a laptop with Ebrima Sidibeh who is at large, sold the laptop and gave Ebrima D1,000 from the proceeds, the witness denied the claim.

Asked again whether he knew his co-accused, Cherno Omar Sowe, in response the accused said he did not know him, adding that he came to know him when they were both in detention.

“I did not know Ebrima Sidibeh and Cherno Omar Sowe,” he said, denying they did an operation at NAWEC to steal a Camera.

At that juncture, the prosecutor further put it to him that in his statement he confirmed they stole a camera and got D400 from the sale, the accused responded: “It is not true.”

“I did not know Momodou Kuyateh,” he stated, adding that he only came to know him when they were arrested.

He denied it was when they went for an operation at the Red Cross that they were arrested.

Still under cross-examination, he told the court he initially informed the court that he signed the statement, but did not know anything about it.

He added: “The time I was in detention I was not conscious.”  He further denied using a tool to carry out their operation.

State prosecutor Jobe put it to him that he was alerted by Mr Sidibeh that the officers were coming and he threw the master key under a tree which was not discovered, the accused responded in the negative.

He further denied conspiring and stealing from people’s vehicles with his co-accused in the Kanifing Municipality.

Asked about the day he met with Ebrima Sidibeh, the accused replied: “I could not remember.”

He further denied that in his evidence-in-chief he informed the court that he came to The Gambia on 1 May 2005.

When it was further put to him that his statement was voluntary and confessionally obtained the accused could not respond.

He maintained that he came to The Gambia purposely to establish a business and that he did not carry any operation with his co-accused.