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Abubakarr Kunda wins Tahir Senior inter-house sport competition

Jan 30, 2013, 11:27 AM

Tahir Ahmadiyya Senior Secondary School in Mansakonko, Lower River Region, at the weekend held its annual inter-house athletics competition at the school’s playground in Mansakonko, Lower River Region.

Attended by thousands of spectators, including security heads, students and locals from the surrounding communities, the well-organised event saw Abubacarr Kunda emerged as winner for the second consecutive year with 376 points, Ali Kunda came second with 308 points , Omar Kunda took third with 3280 points, while Ousman Kunda came last with 222 points.

Addressing the gathering, Abubacarr Nyabally, principal of the school, first paid homage to the Almighty God who made it possible for them to organise their annual inter-house.

He thanked all those who witnessed the event and all those who in one way or the other contributed to making it a success.

He thanked the athletes for their wonderful performance and their coaches for a good work.

According to him, there was no loser, as they were trying to identify athletes that can represent the school at national level.

I would like to thank the students for showing high sense of discipline and maturity during the competition,” the elated Nyabally said.

Mr Nyabally also disclosed that the best athletes were given prizes; something he said will go a long way in promoting sports at the school.

He urged the students to take sports seriously, saying that not all are academically good. “We are trying to make Tahir Senior Secondary School one of the best senior schools in terms of academic and social activities including sport,” he said.