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Absolute Entertainment launches Record Label Company, announces artiste signing

Jun 16, 2017, 11:49 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Absolute Entertainment, founded in 2008 by Ms Haddy Faye, has formally expanded its scope of service to include provision of Record Label Services.

Absolute Entertainment Record Label Company (RLC) is the Gambia’s most recent Record Label Company functioning under the management of The Gambia’s biggest female promoter, Ms Haddy Faye.

Absolute Entertainment RLC and Publishing Company will manage Gambian artist brands and trademarks, coordinate the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos, and conduct talent scouting and development of new artists (Artists and Repertoire).

Following this, Absolute Entertainment RLC announces the formal signing of the following Artists:

Baboucarr Sambou

Artist Name:                  Bai Babu

Nationality:                    Gambian

D.O.B                           18th November 1989

Genre:                          Rap Mbalax

Occupations:                Singer, song writer & performer

Active Years:                2013 – present

Labels:                         Jollof Arts    (2014- 2017)

                                Absolute Entertainment (Current)

 Hit Songs:                    ‘Bai ak dorm’ ‘Damayii’ ‘Fahass’ ‘Malaw’ ‘Tamala’ ‘Taxi man’

Associated acts:           Jizzle, Fafa, Pape Diouf, Gee, Barahama, Singateh, Dr. Olugander, Mary Better,

 Jerreh Jallow

Artist Name:                  Jizzle 

Nationality:                    Gambian

D.O.B                           14th August 1994

Genre:                          Afro Pop, Dancehall, Trap

Occupations:                Singer, song writer & performer

Active Years:                2010 – present

Labels:                     Block Entertainment      (2011-2013)

Sunland Music              (2015-2016)

Runway Entertainment   (2016-2017)

Absolute Entertainment (Current)

Hit Songs:                ‘Let’s stand up’ ‘Man of the Year’ ‘Standards’ ‘Alhaji’ ‘You bad’

Associated acts:           Mighty Joe, Artenola, Bai Babu, Stylish, Gee

Absolute Entertainment RLC management is excited about the prospects of Gambian Music and music artists, and promises to actively contribute its quota to the development of The Gambia Music Industry.

Absolute Entertainment Contact:

Bertil Harding highway



(+220) 2121212

Facebook: Absolute Entertainment

Twitter:  @AbsoluteETweets

Instagram:         @absoluteents