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About Africa and the world

Apr 4, 2014, 10:00 AM

We have been carrying articles in recent editions of The Point, which highlight the fact that these are interesting times for Africa, as it struggles to assert and protect its interests in a hugely unfair world order.

As the current AU chairperson stated, in a statement delivered at the opening of this week’s 4th EU-Africa summit in Brussels, “Africa must be given the policy space for its farmers and industries to compete fairly…

“Africa needs the policy space to determine for itself what needs to be done with its natural and mineral resources, so that the continent can at last break out of the mould of exporter of raw materials, whilst jobs are being created elsewhere…

Remember, we also called attention to the call to “Boycott EU-Africa Summit”, caused by what the AU permanent representatives committee (PRC) said, was a violation of an AU resolution by the EU in attempting to determine Africa’s delegation to the summit.

The EU, according to the AU organ, had barred the leaders of Zimbabwe and Sudan from attending the summit, claiming they were under travel sanctions placed on them by the international community.

The PRC, for its part, said that should only apply in the case of those under AU sanctions!

Then the EU invited Egypt, which is under AU sanctions for Morsi’s coup, and also invited Morocco, which withdrew from the continental body in 1984, over the Western Sahara issue.

Now we have, in this edition, the complaint of double standards again being applied by the Europeans, as highlighted in our story about the ACP Parliament regretting the application of ‘double standards’.

Interesting events and times, and very interesting issues indeed!

It all meant to inform and educate our readers, and we hope they become wiser about the real world, when they read our publication.

“Do as i say but don’t do as i do”

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