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A virtuous show of patriotism

Sep 7, 2016, 9:21 AM

(Friday September 2nd, 2016 Issue)

Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) has decided to reduce by 50% the cost of crossing of sheep across all crossing points in the country.

We would like to commend the GPA for this laudable gesture, as this will help in the pricing of sheep or other livestock from neighbouring countries, such as Senegal and Mali.

It has been noted that in the sub-region, The Gambia has the highest prices for livestock compared to neighbouring countries.

In Abuko, for instance, the prices of rams and other animals are very high. They range from D7,500 to D15,000, which most Gambians cannot afford.

It is, therefore, good and essential that the GPA, which supervises ferry services in the country, has decided to reduce by 50% the cost of crossing of sheep into the country.

Reducing such charges for livestock dealers will certainly influence the pricing down of their rams and other livestock, especially considering the fact that currently the CFA and the Dalasi are traded for 5000CFA to D400, which could have some negative effect on the pricing of livestock from countries like Mali and Senegal.

It is, therefore, a show of true patriotism and reverence for Allah and the feast of Tobaski that GPA should do everything in their powers to ensure ferry crossing and checkpoints are hassle-free for livestock dealers, to ensure they arrive with their livestock much easier and with less overhead costs, to restrain dealers from unduly increasing prices of their animals.

This is indeed laudable as it is a clear demonstration that ferry services will be conducted in such a way as to ensure smooth passage of dealers and their livestock during the period leading to the feast.

"Thank you GPA!"

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