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A lot is expected from you!

Feb 8, 2011, 1:15 PM

We welcome Muhamud Max Jallow's appointment as the new Executive Secretary of the National Sports Council (NSC).

Having said that, we would want to remind him of the daunting tasks that lie ahead.

The NSC is expected to advise the government on issues relating to sports development in the country.

The council also coordinates the activities and programmes of national sports associations.

We challenge the new man at the helm and his team to start with ensuring that all national sporting associations in the country are properly registered with the sports council.

The council must also sensitise associations on the National Sports Policy and Programme of Action.

We urge the NSC to strive to ensure that sports association are well structured, and effectively functional.

We believe that if the sporting associations are on the right track, the country will, no doubt, achieve sports excellence.

The council should also endeavour to ensure that government decentralises the building of sporting infrastructure and facilities to all regions of the country.

We strongly believe that with his wealth of experience in the field of sports, and knowledge, the new NSC boss will, no doubt, live up to expectations.

Promoting unity among the various sporting associations should also be a topmost priority of the incumbent.

The role is not an easy one, and one must never take things for granted.