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A deserving award

Jul 12, 2010, 1:13 PM

We congratulate our Managing Editor, Mr. Pap Saine, for being named "IPI World Press Freedom Hero".

The Vienna-based International Press Institute (IPI) has named Gambian publisher and editor Pap Saine an IPI World Press Freedom Hero in honour of his courageous work for press freedom.

Since he took over the mantle of leadership at The Point newspaper in December 2004, following the assassination of then Managing Editor, Deyda Hydara, Mr. Saine has continued to lead this company with courage and determination and has also served in this profession for 40 years.

 Mr. Saine is the third journalist from West Africa to be named an IPI World Press Freedom Hero, after Kenneth Best of Liberia and Freedom Neruda of the Ivory Coast.

According to a release from the IPI, the award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of press freedom around the world.

"Since the tragic murder of Deyda Hydara, Pap Saine has continued to lead The Point Newspaper with courage and integrity," said IPI Director, David Dadge.

"I am proud to announce Pap Saine as IPI's 58th World Press Freedom Hero," he said.

We thank IPI for honouring our boss, thus recognising his role in advancing journalism in The Gambia.

Our readers would recall that in 1995, 2004 and last year, Mr.Saine had undergone very difficult times, but as a courageous journalist he has consistently kept moving ahead with his normal journalistic work. This alone makes him a deserving hero.

For us here at The Point, we would continue to cherish our Managing Editor's desire to give all Gambians and non-Gambians alike the opportunity to express their views on issues affecting their lives, irrespective of their status. This is the second time that Mr. Saine has received an international award. The first was in 2006 in Germany.

Once again, we congratulate him for this outstanding international award, his superb management and editorial stewardship of The Point newspaper.  We wish you many more accolades.


"The honour challenges us to do more and to do better, not to rest on our laurels.”

Kofi Annan