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A Businessman Donates 3,000 Bags of Rice to Charity

May 28, 2008, 5:59 AM | Article By: By Alieu Jabang

A Gambian, international businessman recently donated over 3,000 bags of rice to the vulnerable and poor of The Gambia.

Alieu Conteh grew up in The Gambia but is now an international businessman based in South Africa. He donated these bags of rice in mourning of his beloved mother.

He gave this charity out to a large crowd of people at his home town of Gunjur. Mr. Conteh was very pleased that the people had listened his charitable call and had come to accept it. He thanked those who read the holy Quran for his late mother.

Alhagie Kebba Conteh, Alieu's brother said that they take great pleasure from helping and giving charity to those who need it. He promised that the sky is the limit to his brother's generous help.

The crowd thanked the Conteh family for their wonderful gesture. They said that the charity has come in a time of great need when the whole world is suffering from food shortages and rising food prices caused by the rising cost of fuel. "It is brilliant that this man has given up a little of his wealth to provide for those who are in great need," one beneficiary told The Point.

On top of this Alieu Conteh distributed an extra bag of rice to every compound in Gunjur