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Frustration Grows at Rising Food Costs

May 28, 2008, 5:53 AM

Details reaching The Point, though yet to be told, speak of a very discouraging feature in the markets, with the prices of essential commodities shooting through the roof.

Housewives, bearing the brunt of the unfavourable market trend, have been speaking of their daily experiences to The Point  making it all too clear that they are going through difficult times these days and that all is not well at some of our markets. Their lamentation has been one of overwhelming frustration.

According to the details that emerged from the markets within the Greater Banjul Area and environs, the prices of essential commodities like rice etc. have become way more expensive. As of last month alone the bag of rice has risen from D650.00 to D850.00, and is further increasing every day. "What about we the poor housewives living hand to mouth where are we to go?" they pleaded.

A market survey has indicated that the price of essential commodities are increasing every now and then and are becoming unaffordable for low-income earners. Housewives no are longer at liberty to choose as this was dictated by market trends. However one thing is clear that the cost of living is increasing and becoming unaffordable for the average Gambian. How and when will these trends be ended, if not reversed continues to be a huge question in all Gambian minds who spoke to The Point in recent days