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Two Nigerian artists arrive in Gambia

Apr 29, 2022, 11:42 AM

Two Nigerian artists has arrived in The Gambia to meet some Gambian artistes, and discuss the way forward of promoting music in the sub region, as well as to build a bi-lateral relationship between the two nations music industry.

MOE Savage and RSM Beon are currently based in South Africa. They said their mission in the Gambia is to meet Gambian artistes, and produce nice songs with them.

We were having some Gambian friends before coming to this country, and we also did our researched about The Gambia, and we understand that Gambian people are very nice and friendly, but the only different is the weather because is very hot in The Gambia compare to South Africa. 

Beom Arts known as RSM a music producer thanked the Gambian artistes and said their main mission to The Gambia is to make sure they build more collaboration.