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Smallz Suso Releases  'Sembo' Album, Ready for Double Album Launching at the Stadium

Jul 2, 2021, 2:14 PM

T-Smallz-Suso, Austria based Gambian International artiste has released his most anticipated album ‘Sembo’ in all Digital platforms.

The All Africa Music Awards nominee in 2016  is expected to release another album called 'Triumphant' in October and will do a double album launching concert at Independence Stadium in Gambia on 6th November 2021 celebrating more than 15 years in music across the globe. 

Accredited as one of the most widely travelled Gambian international artiste T. Smallz toured Africa, Europe and always returned to Gambia to entertain and share love with family and friends in the Gambia.

The ‘Sembo’ master piece which is his fourth album comprising 20 tracks was released in live streamed and geared 24, 286 streams in 5 minutes. The Name of the Album is called 'Sembo' which means Mandinka language  (Power). It is produced by different producers across the globe including Peter Pann, Yung Alpha, Juwhiz, JLive, Ras Askia, Skool and Reach.

After a successful wave of his maiden hit 'Chono Life' in 2010, T. Smallz Suso has been one artist who has never got off track until last year when the world became dark and at the same time light for him. T. Smallz smallz lost his beloved Mother who he loved so much and three months later his first son Khalil was also born, a very difficult and joyous moment at same time.

He told Music in Africa that the album was planned to be released in 2019 but it wasn’t possible because he has to be there for his song, King Khalil and his baby mother.

Little did we know T-Smallz was still holding onto power despite his little absence in the music industry, after listening to the whole album we confirmed YES Kings can’t lose power easily.

The 20 tracks are as follows:  1. Sembo, 2. Kaya (feat. Young Alpha & Harrysongs, 3. Diiriyankeh, 4. Holidays, 5. Jongoma, 6. Belly Dance, 7. Everyday Hello, 8. Ealfta Nlafta, 9. Respect, 10. Etawa Ngantawa, 11. Ayeeh Wuleeh, 12. Problem (feat. Omaro), 13. Teler, 14. Jambar, 15. King Tang Baa, 16. Neekuya, 17.Fambondi, 18. Kanala, 19. Tamala, 20. Jollof.
Here is links below to stream in your favourite platforms:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2vMPxQIvVeDNgU93TYfp4O...
ITunes: https://music.apple.com/de/album/sembo/1566775421
Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/t-smallz-suso/album/semboalbum