Gambia For All What We Care Most About: Summary Manifesto Encapsulating Our Party’s Platform of Principles and Policies

Jun 26, 2020, 1:15 PM


        I.            What We Believe In: Freedoms, National Oneness, Social Justice

  • free and open society in which citizens', while living at peace, and in peace with each other, within a caring community, have their individual freedoms and rights protected by law and in practice;
  • A state operating on the basis of the rule of law, within which is fostered an environment of freedom for citizens to pursue their individual dreams while being assured of state support and assistance, to the extent of available means, in order to develop to their full potential and to contribute their quota to national

      II.            What We Care About: The Well-being of Present & Future Generations

  • Fulfilling the pledge of our nation's founding fathers back in 1965; i.e. to translate our option for independence and sovereign statehood, into qualitative improvements in both moral and material lives of our people;
  • Sustainable livelihood for our citizens, to serve as foundation and basis for progressively improving lives, including dignified living conditions;
  • Laying down, and bequeathing to future generations, a solid foundation for sustainable national development, in terms of institutions, practices, production processes as well as social welfare and


    III.    Where We Stand: Government For the People

  • Sovereignty rests with the people from whom all authority is derived; at both national and local levels, democratic governance, in which power is exercised in the name and on behalf of the people, must be real and meaningful;
  • In a democracy, separation of powers must be a tangible reality; the need is especially for a parliamentary institution exercising robust and effective scrutiny and control of the action of the governors in the name of the governed;
  • The legitimate aspiration of the people today, in The Gambia and elsewhere is for progress; it is the primary and inescapable responsibility of governments to place the rapid improvement of socio-economic conditions at the top of their development agenda.

    IV.      What We Will Do in Government:

  • Operate a Clean, Efficient and Purposeful Administration, at the same time Improve the Economy in order to Boost Production to Create Employment and Wealth;
  • Strict observance of good political as well as economic governance principles, including waging a relentless war on poverty and depravation on one hand while vigorously combating embezzlement, corruption and all forms of official malpractices;
  • Re-build capacity in the state institutions as well as restore professionalism, including adaptation t o m o d e r n technology to bring administrative systems and management processes in line with modern standards;
  • Economic transformation to be triggered by truly significant investment, [both private and public] targeting our considerable potentialities in the areas of water and other natural resources for development, which will serve as basis for the development of agriculture and agri-business, industrialisation, tourism, trade, transport and regional Complemented with the maintenance of stability, a functional system of justice, the removal of bureaucratic and other impediments as well as stepped-up investment in physical and economic infrastructure, such a strategy is needed to boost productivity and create sustainable employment for our teaming youthful population.



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