Gambia Badminton wraps up seminar

Feb 28, 2022, 1:02 PM

The Gambia Badminton Association on Sunday concluded a 3-day training seminar at Yuna village. The association is set to hold another seminar from 4th – 6th March 2022 at Kunkujang Mariama following the successful organisation of the first training.

The seminar is organised for various essential reasons vital to the growth and dissemination of Badminton in The Gambia.

The training is specifically designed for players to help build their knowledge and sensitise them on the importance and benefit of the sport.

Coaches and players were also trained on badminton's internationally recognised rules and ethics.

Participants were also given insights on organisational means to achieve better outcomes.

Playing the sport is one thing but understanding its importance and benefits is the most important thing, according to officials.

In addition, officials said the training would also help both coaches and players to work together as a team to achieve high performance.

 β€œTo succeed in such a sport and gain international recognition, the universally recognised rules must be adhered to and observed,” they also said.