Why Africa?

Dec 9, 2021, 12:10 PM | Article By: Williams Brown

Some information from international media is scary when they report that Africa can become the incubator for new strains of Covid-19, when in reality this continent has been the least affected by the pandemic, despite not receiving enough vaccines from the countries rich.

The reports, however, tend to minimize the impact that this deadly disease has had in the US and Europe, and from where, mainly, the different variants of the coronavirus have been brought to the African peoples.

But worse still, they say that the nations of the so-called forgotten continent have not been able to vaccinate because of regional ungovernability, as if there were governability in several Europeans and the US itself.

Thousands of people, taking injectable drugs to prevent Covid-19, refuse to receive it in not a few of those countries in the rich North, and governments are unable to persuade citizens to do so. If they call that governance, it is obviously not very serious.

They have also failed to face the pandemic with accurate measures, as China has done, and wave after wave of the disease has turned into a tsunami.

It is Europeans and Americans, and not precisely Africans, who travel the world the most, and infected with the coronavirus, they spread it through the destination countries of tourists, which for no one is unknown are those of the South, and whose economies depend on good measure of foreign visitors.

So the question: Why is Africa the incubator? It is annoying that despite not having sophisticated health systems and lacking medicines, unlike other regions, they have managed to better combat the pandemic.

Yes, we already know the answer that the North will give: In the African region the authorities do not provide the real figures of Covid-19 cases, as if those of Washington and Europe did so well.

In reality we will never truly know how many poor people have died without medical attention in the US and Europe from the serious disease that has plagued humanity for almost two years.

Likewise, we will not know, although suspicions persist, that the virus came out of a laboratory, “coincidentally” in the midst of a fierce international trade war, in which it is intended to weaken emerging “enemy” powers as well as supposed allies. A good understanding with a few words is enough.

However, we return to Africa with another question: is it that now someone wants to turn it into an incubator for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as they have done with other diseases to do experiments?

It would be cruel, but we live in an increasingly inhuman and unscrupulous world of not a few who only think about making money, even in the worst way.

Precisely today there are large emporiums interested in not ending Covid-19 in order to multiply their millionaire profits already obtained thanks to that ailment.