Tribute : Life & times of Sir Dawda Jawara, heroic founding father of Gambia

Aug 31, 2020, 1:18 PM

Elegance Magazine is back after a six-month break following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.
As it happens, Elegance is 10 years on the newsstand. And we are celebrating the Anniversary with this Special Edition, which is the third issue of Elegance in 2020. 
A Special Edition on the heroic Father of the Nation, Sir Dawda Jawara, featuring the accomplished life of Gambia’s first president who led his country to independence in 1965 is therefore not only fitting but appreciate. Sir Dawda maintained a democratic mandate for 30 years. We are also marking the first anniversary of his death. He was one of the most decent statesman Africa has ever had, with an intellect that was second to none. There is no doubt, as we continue to build the new Gambia, we will be better off with lessons from his legacy. Sir Dawda was a leader of great intellect, decency, and endowed with good temperament. May his soul continue to rest in eternal peace!
In this Special Edition, we also have testimonies from his family friends and tributes from Gambia active voices such as Siga Jagne, Musa Jeng, among others. We have also brought you a fascinating rare interview with the widow of Sir Dawda Jawara, Lady Chilel, who, for the first time spoke exclusively to Elegance, and opens up, pouring her heart in recollecting a life partner. 
Hear her: “When I observed that he wasn’t breathing the family hide that from me, until Dr Njaimeh walked me to the door to say unfortunately I don’t want to say this but we have lost our father (Cried)’’.
His son, Dawda Jr., similarly gives a  memory of his father, saying: “Many people may not know this, but he was very humorous and it was great fun to be with him” Also featured is Sir Dawda’s last protocol Ndure, who remarks: “Sir Dawda was a perfect gentleman, a man of substance, good etiquette, savoir-vivre, a man full of wisdom.”  As Touma Njie said: “Sir Dawda, however, deserved only the best and that was why the Almighty rewarded him with a return to his home country” I couldn’t agree more.