Struggling with consistency!

Mar 4, 2021, 1:29 PM | Article By: Barrow Touray

As you struggle to maintain consistency in driving your well charted out plans, the following contradictory thoughts sound familiar.

I’m definitely going to put my head down. I’m tired, will get round to it next time. Am super excited again, bring it on! Ohh, what was I thinking I need help to get more discipline?  Deep down I know I should do this before I die. I just should.

You’ve probably given up, after several sporadic attempts

Possible current believes may be

  • life isn’t fair, others are succeeding whilst you struggling to keep up
  • That luck hasn’t come your way
  • you do not have the skill sets ,no matter how hard you’ve tried
  • You are just not destined to make it, for you accomplishing success in this area is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

What if you could make one fundamental change that lies entirely under your control, reset the game plan, and have a radical shift?

What if you could alter these deeply rooted flawed belief systems?

What if you ask critical questions in a loving fashion? By nicely wrapping yourself up with a blanket of Self-love. Gently resting your head on your comfy fluffy pillow and begin an honest dialogue with yourself. Like

  • Am I even passionate about this
  • Am I persistently honing my skill in this area?
  • Am I dabbling with few goals, but have not consistently stuck with any. Hence not accumulating exponential growth in any area.
  • Sometimes we fall victim of blindly going round in circles due to lack of roadmap. More often than not lack of consistency is the culprit that capsizes our vision.

While consistency swings you closer to your core desire, Inconsistency drifts you away from it and gradually blursyour dream.

We all know people in our lives who fit our perfect description as outgoing, hardworking, anything you name it. You were able to associate them with this, because of one and only one thing. They have repeatedly demonstrated that act!

The key to cling on whether you simply slow down, or have agenuine reason is to re vitalize your consistency by getting yourself back in the zone again.

For instance If you have a stack of assignments to complete, start by doing one. But if you consistently engage your hesitant mind, you will keep dragging your feet. Sobite the bullet and crack on even when we do not feel up to it to unlock your A Game.