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Second hand clothing dealers laments low sales amid Covid-19

Mar 31, 2021, 11:48 AM | Article By: Adama Tine

Dealers in second hand clothing in the country have added their voice to current global pandemic wreaking havoc to global economies. It is a fact that many Gambian households largely depend on second hand clothing, as it serves as a perfect enterprise; being cheaper and more durable compared to some ‘ready-made’ clothes.

With the current pandemic crippling economies, stakeholders in the business shared how the global coronavirus pandemic is hampering their business operations, which they attribute, has led to massive profit loss bringing their business operation to a standstill.

One of their problems has to do with the public concept amid Covid-19, as many people are afraid of buying second hand clothes coming from the hard- hit countries across Europe. 

Buba Jabbie, who has been dealing in second- hand clothing at the Serrekunda market since 2007, explained how his business has been operating since the arrival of the pandemic.

“The number of people who come to buy clothes now has also decreased since the advent of pandemic, which is a big hindrance for us. If you follow the social media, you will hear some people saying that the second- hand clothes are contaminated with Covid-19 virus.”

Lamin Jammeh, also a dealer in second-hand clothes said, there had been a lot of changes since 2020 and 2021. There have been difficulties due to recent hike in the price of commodities, which is one factor why people are not buying line before.”

He added; “The pandemic has stopped almost everything. We hardly sell and as a result, we don’t have money to buy new ballots and that is because people aren’t buying like before as some people will say food commodities are very expensive now therefore, before buying clothes, food is more of a concern and necessity over the buying of clothes considering the situation of the pandemic.” he revealed.

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