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 Alagie Jawara to contest Lower Badibou seat under NPP

Feb 9, 2022, 1:44 PM | Article By: Jankey Ceesay

The National Assembly Member for Lower Badibou has declared his intention to contest for the seat again in the upcoming parliamentary election under the National People’s party (NPP) ticket.

Alagie Jawara made this remark on Monday during an interview with The Point at his office at the National Assembly Chambers.
The Lower Badibou lawmaker further advanced reasons why he wants to seek re-election as a parliamentarian in Lower Badibou.

“I have the intention to run again because I have pending programmes that needs to be completed in my constituency particularly Lower Badibou North. At the initial stage when President Barrow won the election, I had series of discussion with regards to Lower Badibou’s development and for this to be, I need to contest again. I wanted to go somewhere but the people of Badibou request for me to again serve them so I took it to be a national duty for my people and I need to come back and serve them.” he stated.

Hon Jawara reminded that the Njawara road is one of his key objectives, adding that it is one of the reasons why he wants to seek re-election.

He pointed out that among the challenges facing his constituency is electricity and water supply, adding ‘so if I return to parliament I will make sure these three key problems are addressed as it is also the reason the people of Badibou asked me to come back.”

“The President Adama Barrow has the authority and legitimate power to do projects but he can function well in doing those projects by the help of the parliament and that is why he needs people in the parliament to collectively archive their goals.”

“We have seen politicians pull crowds at the end lost, and this shows that crowd doesn’t count, majority of the people vote base on competency, capability and that is why I say I’m going to pull higher number of votes compared to my 2017 total votes.” Hon. Jawara stated.

Jawara contested in 2017 and won under the United Democratic Party ticket, but along the line they parted ways. In this upcoming parliamentary election he wants to contest under the ruling National People’s Party ticket.