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Salaji extension Masjid Imam calls for help Salaji Extension Masjid

Oct 5, 2020, 12:38 PM

Imam of Salaji extension Masjid in Kombo North District is appealing for help to complete the new masjid project which he started constructing some months ago.

Imam Saikou Kunta Manjang is seeking donation from all quarters in order for him and members of his community to finish the construction of the Masjid as it is the only Masjid around the area.

According to Imam Manjang, the Muslim community in the extension area needsa Masjid to perform their five daily prayers and other worships.

“We are very much in needof funds so that we can enjoy the pleasure of Allah the Almighty through worshipping and most importantly to bring Muslims around the area under one umbrella,” said Imam Manjang.

Imam Manjang stated that: “whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah the Almighty, Allah will reward you with a similar house in paradise.”

Imam Saikou Kunta Manjang explained that it is his aim in future to develop the Masjid into a Quranic memorization center and general Islamic studies.” IfI get the financial support the following facilities will be available at the Masjid; praying grounds for both men and women, Madrasa for both boys and girls as well as Wudhu and toilets.

For any help, the following email addressand mobile numbers can be contacted: darboejulla22@gmail.com, +220 3798312, 2037045 or 7098868.

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