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Natives of Malick Nana appeal for proper health facility

May 27, 2022, 11:06 AM | Article By: Makutu Manneh

People of Malick Nana in Upper Nuimi District, North Bank Region of The Gambia have called on the Government of The Gambia to help them with social amenities, most especially a health facility as they face lots of challenges with regards to accessing health facilities especially women who have been losing their lives during labour.

Sarjo Jaw, a mother said, she was delivered of all her children at home except one.

"I faced a lot of challenges during labour and have stopped bearing children due to a complication I had while giving birth to my last child,” she said.

She also highlighted transportation challenges to Kuntaya Health Centre which is very far from them.

She pointed out that, a lot of women in the village have lost their lives during or after labour while others also lose their babies after birth due to transportation constraints.

“We appeal to The Gambia Government for an ambulance or a hospital to boost the health of our children and reduce that maternal mortality rate," she appealed.

Fana Manga, a local midwife who learned from her in-law said, she helps women when they are in labor but pointed out sometimes she is not able to accompany every woman in labor to the hospital.

She added that, sometimes some women will also give birth on their way to the hospital because in most cases, they ride horse and donkey carts and the highway is in bad condition.