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Girl, 2, solicits support for treatment

Aug 13, 2021, 1:24 PM | Article By: Sanna Jallow

The family of Nenneh Camara, a 2-year-old girl battling serious complications with inability to control her hand at the left wrist joint, is soliciting assistance to undergo medical treatment.

The medical report from the Kanifing General Hospital revealed that the two-year old was presented with a report of inability to control hand at the left wrist joint.

The report also indicated that, this complication started since birth as the mother even experienced some difficulty during delivery.

The report added that the young girl received during the neonatal period, a diagnosis of brachial palsy and this was after necessary investigation.”

She was also put on physiotherapy and had been on it for about two years. During this period, there has been significant improvement on the physiotherapy and she is now able to move the whole left upper limb except the inability to control the movement at left wrist joint.

Based on the complication of her brachial injury that is not responding to physiotherapy, doctors recommended the young girl gets specialist care such as neurologist/ neurosurgeon, orthopaedic or physiotherapist.

Any samaritan, NGO and institutions ready to support the two-year old can contact these numbers; 9968001/ 7343399.