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Gambian singer calls for more youth empowerment to end ‘back-way’  

Feb 16, 2021, 1:04 PM

Following surge in youth migration to Europe mostly through irregular means, a prolific Gambian singer, songwriter and entertainer, Nazeem has stressed the need to empower youth at all levels to be able to harness and utilise their given potential right here.

With conducive and enabling environment, he is optimistic that youth can stay and contribute meaningfully to national development.

At a press conference held on Monday, Nazeem spoke highly of the activities of his NGO, reminding of the need to empower youth for national development.

Nazeem through his NGO- ‘Dole Ndawi’ is now ready to embark on a community dialogue to better sensitise the populace about role of youth in national development.

Aside his active musical engagement, the young entertainer in 2020 came up with an NGO called ‘Dole Ndawi’, which simply means the strength of the youth.

The NGO is anchored on cardinal points all designed to better empower youth to be active contributor in the country’s development initiative.

Therefore, the NGO intends to do this advocacy through the transformative power of music, using sound as a catalyst to stimulate and empower self-confident community of young people who can support each other to positively contribute to national development.

“Dole Ndawi’ is a dynamic NGO which directly engages with youth to foster their development and increase resilience.Basically, we want to engage young people and most especially to sensitize them about this ‘Back-way’ syndrome. If you speak about the future for any nation and don’t involve young people, that nation is bound to fail. So the NGO came up with the idea and vision to sensitise the young people through organizing shows in which they will also dialogue with the youth. You know music is the easiest way to capture someone’s mind.” he said.

In May 2020, the NGO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to support in-school youth development through music.

“This week ‘Dole Ndawi’ is excited to launch radio and school tour. We are visiting up to ten schools in the West Coast Region. At each school, our show will consists of performance by a DJ, a short narrative of school led drama, live performance of Nazeem’s mega hit titled- What’s is the future’ and youth dialogue among others.”

Modou Lamin Keita, another member of the NGO, underscored the role of youth in the development of any nation.

“We want to put out a message as young people in this country are very fragile. We have a lot of young potentials and talents in the country, but we don’t have the opportunity to speak it out. This is why we are targeting schools especially those within the West Coast Region. We want to dialogue and create a platform where young people would have a platform to speak up their minds and what they think should be done.”

The NGO is also considering to stage an inter-schools competition for youth aged 16 dubbed ‘My life my future’.

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