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Gambian delegation to Congress University-2022 fulfills intense work program in Cuba

Feb 11, 2022, 11:29 AM

Havana, Feb 10th.- An intense work program fulfills a delegation of the Gambian, Research, Science and Technology Higher Education Ministry  present at the XIII Congress University-2022, which meets in Cuba with the attandence of many countries on five continents.


The delegation, made up of six senior officials from that nation of West Africa, is headed by the Director of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr, Mucktarr M.Y Darboe, who participated in the inauguration of the relevant international meeting, whose opening, last Monday, was in charge of the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz- Canel

The program of the Gambian representatives has included a meeting with Dr. José Ramón Saborido Loidi Minister of Higher Education of the Caribbean island, with whom they addressed issues of two-way collaboration.

They also met with the vice minister of the aforementioned body, Dr. Miriam Alpízar Santana, and with, Narcy Margarita Bueno Figueras the rector of the University of the eastern Cuban province of Granma, among other authorities of the largest of the Antilles.

The delegation will develop other collateral activities to the Congress Universidad-2022, which will close its doors tomorrow.

Cuba and The Gambia maintain historical ties of cooperation in the spheres of health and education, and in the latter they pretend to intensify them in the future.

Precisely one of the purposes of the presence in the Caribbean archipelago of the entourage of that African nation is to increase collaboration between the two countries in the fields of higher education, research, science and technology.