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Bundung Six Junction Ward Committee distributes 3rd phase lightening poles

Sep 2, 2020, 12:47 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Bundung Six Junction Ward Development Committee on Saturday distributed its third phase of sixty-five (65) light poles to communities outside the ward.

The distribution, which coincided with the official launch of the fourth phase of the “Light Up Our Community Project” was initiated by Sulayman Jammeh, councilor of the ward alongside members of his Ward Development Committee.

The first phase of the project focused on the electrification of the cemeteries within and outside Bundung Six Junction Ward, while the second phase looks at public areas such as car parks, police stations, mosques, churches, schools and other public places within the community.

The third phase, which is in progress will mainly focus on provision of light poles that are installed in compound gates within the community.

Out of the sixty-five (65) light poles, thirty (30) poles were funded by Empire Furniture and the rest of the poles were funded by the ward councilor, Sulayman through his Ward Development Committee.

The fourth phase will be a continuation of the third phase of the project.

At the ceremony Mr. Aboubacarr Sillah secretary of the Ward Development Committee, acknowledged efforts of Abdou Njie, the CEO of Empire Furniture, who he said, sponsored the thirty (30) light poles through Wakeup Gambia Show aired on Star FM Radio hosted by Pa Ndery Touray.

He also thanked the Ward Development Committee for their commitment and dedication to be able to mobilise resources to fund the additional 35 light poles.

Modou Gaye, an adviser to the Ward Development Committee, thanked Sulayman Jammeh, Councilor of Bundung Six Junction Ward, for always coming with great initiatives that impact the lives of his electorates regardless of political affiliation.

“Councilor Jammeh is a role model who all the councilors in The Gambia should learn and emulate from when it comes to serving people in his ward,” he said.

He however appealed to government, Kanifing Municipal Council and private businesses to come and support this noble community-initiative.

For his part, Sulayman Jammeh, Councilor of Bundung Six Junction Ward, thanked his Ward Development Committee for their commitment and dedication in serving the people of the ward.

“The reason why Bundung Six Junction Ward is achieving all these development is because we are united and execute our duty without fear or favor,” he said.

Councilor Jammeh also thanked the people of his ward for their support and understanding over the years.

“Without unity among ourselves as a community we can never achieve such development for our great community. Leaders can only achieve success if there is peace, love and unity among the people.”

He thus appealed to political leaders to promote such initiative to develop The Gambia.

"Light Up Our Community Project” is aimed at providing street lights within the community as one way of reducing crime and enhancing feelings of community safety; sense of security within the community, among other issues.

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