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Bakary Bunja Dabo: GFA has not called for a grand coalition of opposition parties

Sep 7, 2021, 1:51 PM

The Gambia For All (GFA) party would like to inform party members, sympathisers, and the people of The Gambia that the purported breaking news trending on some social media platforms claiming that Hon Bakary Bunja Dabo has called for a grand coalition meeting of opposition leaders at his Fajara residence is untrue.

At no time has the Leader and Secretary General of the GFA, on behalf of the Party, been engaged in any coalition negotiations with any of the mentioned parties. The Secretary General and Leader of the GFA has said on several platforms that GFA is not averse to talking to like-minded Parties which can provide the right type of leadership that is able to address the legitimate aspirations of the people of The Gambia. The public is asked to treat the purported breaking news as false. In regards to a matter as significant as this, the people of the Gambia can be assured that the GFA will always communicate clearly, openly and in a timely manner with the people of The Gambia. Any developments relating to the forthcoming elections will be communicated by the Party’s Communication Cell.

Communication Cell, Gambia For All (GFA)

Ma-Jonka House, Block 6a, Kanifing Estate

September 6, 2021.

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