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UDP URR Regional Executive Committee

Sep 7, 2021, 1:47 PM

Press Release & Solidarity Statement :The UDP URR Regional Executive Committee members hereby stand in complete solidarity with Hon.Foday Danjo, the elected Chairman of Basse Area Council for the vulgar and unceremonious treatmenthe received from President Adama Barrow during his recent visit at the newly constructed Basse Market on Saturday 4th Sept 2021.

The URR Regional Executive Committee totally condemns the President's verbal abuse he directed
towards Chairman Danjo in public and the disrespect by calling him a “poor man” in front of the welcoming
crowd. Many who were present saw this as disrespectful, absolutely unpresidential and unethical.
The President further went to say he planned to order the Police to arrest chairman Danjo for allegedly
recording Minister Musa Drammeh during a telephone conversation when the minister was overstepping
his power on the council on the market allocation rift between the ministry and the council. During the
market allocation negotiations chairman Danjo was literally threatened to stop the process immediately
which the General Council refused to adhere to.
The President continued his aggressive behaviour towards the Elected Chairman by telling him that he
thinks he is stupid that he the president will Kill a lion in the Bush and let foolish people enjoy it. President
Barrow also said that during the Local Government Election campaign 2018 he donated Foday Danjo
D600, 000 because he (Foday Danjo) has no money then.
We believe that Chairman Danjo as the highest elected official of the URR deserve to be treated with
respect by the President and his unelected Ministers because both the President and Hon. Danjo are
all elected by the Gambian people and the President should lead by example in a professional manner.
President Barrow's action and behaviour was an embarrassment and total disgrace to the highest office
of our country.
URR Regional Executive Committee wishes to respectfully remind both the President and the Minister
that all markets are under the custodian of councils as stated by the Local Government Act 2000.
Therefore, Local Government authorities are not in competition with the President and His cabinet, thus
it is difficult to understand why the President and the Minister for Local Government are constantly hostile
to the Local Government leaders from the UDP?
Infact Local Government Authorities are the entry points of all local development in their respective
jurisdictions therefore, in the interest of the development of the people the Central Government and Local
Government must leave their partisan differences aside and work hand in glove to be able to bring
meaningful development for the people.
This is what people of Basse area council under the leadership of chairman Danjo want to observe. Hon.
Danjo have demonstrated professionalism and good leadership to the President which we all thank
Chairman Danjo and his team for showing up to welcome president Barrow to the Basse market.
We commend Chairman Danjo for his restraint and professional decorum and patience he exercised
during that awkward moment.
Finally URR Regional Executive Committee totally condemns the pettiness President Barrow displayed
towards the Chairman Danjo. The president’s attitude and behaviour towards Mr Danjo is unacceptable.
On that note we thank the people of URR for their support and solidarity with the Chairman Danjo
Hagi suwareh
On behalf of
UDP UR Regional Executive Committee