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People lament bed shortage at Infant Ward 2 

Jan 18, 2022, 12:21 PM | Article By: Ismaila Sonko

People accompanying patients at the Infant Ward 2 at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul have lamented bed scarcity at the country’s main referral hospital, something that forced two people sharing one bed.


The people made this disclosure during a recent visit to the hospital by this reporter.

Nyimanding Fofana, who accompanied a patient, explained that she spent two weeks at the hospital and that during these period she slept on the floor due to lack of enough beds.

She observed that the way and manner these people are treated at the hospital calls for concern, as the situation could even lead to so many health implications ‘if the proper measures are not taken.’

Sariba Jarju, who also accompanied a patient shared with this reporter that she was sharing a bed with a friend at the hospital for more than a week now without safety precautions. She indicated that looking at the current situation, it is very risky and that the hospital management is doing little or nothing to remedy the situation for the safety of all Gambians.

Mariama Sarr, who also accompanied a patient, said that during her week’s stay at the hospital, she slept outside of the hospital with her colleagues.

“Sleeping outside is very risky and we always have sleepless nights because of mosquito bites which is not good for our health. Sometimes you can be sleeping outside and your patients is in urgent need of you and before the doctor or the nurse on duty will identify someone to escort the patient, it is always difficult for them to locate the person.” 

Meanwhile, others who are also accompanying patients at the main referral hospital shared similar views and called on the government through the Ministry of Health to find a lasting solution to these inadequate beds’ shortage at the country’s main referral hospital. 

This they believed, would significantly contribute to the well-being of people especially those escorting patients.