Wellingara alkalo decries water  shortage as  Barrow’s tour  continues

Sep 30, 2021, 12:08 PM | Article By: Momodou Jawo

As President Adama Barrow’s Meet the People’s Tour is in the final stage, the alkalo of Wellingara has decried the lack of water in his community as among the top issues affecting inhabitants of the area, saying “sometimes you have to wait for four hours or even more before one get water’.

Alkalo Saikou Ndure, was speaking at a meeting on Tuesday at the Wellingara Football Field.

“The lack of chairs at the Wellingara Skills Center and coupled with water shortage is among the top challenges the community is encountering,” he added, saying: “Sometimes you have to wait for four hours or even more before you have a water.”

The police at Wellingara, he said, also lack mobility to conduct their operations, adding “at some point, the police even have to hire taxi in order to go on operations or patrols.” However, he was quick to add that the police are doing a ‘fantastic job’ in the area as they are working closely with the alkalo and other stakeholders towards maintaining peace and order.

Ousman Gaye, of Old Yundum constituency assured the president of landslide victory in the forthcoming presidential election, and urged the president through his government to help them with good roads within the area. “President Barrow even knows some of the challenges we are encountering because he was also staying in the area. However, I am quite sure that his administration will address the issues immediately because his government is committed to nation building.”

“When it rains, it becomes difficult for one to enter Nema due to the condition of the roads. I want to call on the minister of land to work with the local government councils in ensuring that the 60% of the taxpayers’ money goes back to them in the form of development,” he posited, urging other political parties to join the NPP coalition for the interest of development and national reconciliation and unity.

Buwa Fofana, from Busumbala Constituency said: “The roads at Makumbaya and Kunkujang are in bad condition. We want the government to help and construct the said roads with a view to boost the economic activities within the area. I want to assure President Barrow that the West Coast Region has already been decided. We will make sure that Barrow is re-elected in the forthcoming election.”

Fofana strongly dismissed reports suggesting that the president is allowing the deportation of Gambians from Europe, arguing “President Barrow even rejected the deportation of some Gambians from Europe. This clearly indicates that Barrow has the interest of youth development and empowerment.”

Saikouba Jarju, the lawmaker for Busumbala Constituency urged Gambians to vote for Barrow in the December 4th presidential election. He equally urged the president to help them and construct the roads for those settlements behind the airport, and appealed to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to help fence the Busumbala Football Field.

The APRC and NPP alliance, Hon. Jarju added, is the best political move in the country. “No one from the entire APRC executive had been summoned by the recently concluded TRRC or the Janneh Commission. These people are clean and they are Gambians. However, just recently, the UDP welcomed former Justice minister Babadinding Jobarteh into their party. Jobarteh is a person who has been adversely mentioned at the TRRC. In fact, he is accused of cutting Balo Kanteh’s nipple.”

Former Agriculture minister and onetime leader of the PPP, Omar Jallow, widely known as O.J., urged Gambians to desist from tribal politics, adding that it’s something that was not happening during former President Jawara time. 

“Let’s maintain peace so that we can achieve what we want in terms of development,” he stated, adding that the country registered development during the past years of Barrow government.

For his part, President Barrow said some roads within the area have already been assessed and contracts have already been awarded and that work on the said roads will commence soon.

“The road in Nema Kunku and the road from Wellingara to Sukuta have been studied and we have already given them to a contractor. What I am thinking always is addressing the problems Gambians are encountering. Let’s forget about the past and let’s forge ahead. I want Gambians to work with me so that we can develop the country.”

“My government is going to purchase ambulances and have them on the highways.  The said ambulances are going to help travellers in case of any emergency.”