Gambia urges U.S. to end embargo on Cuba

Sep 30, 2021, 12:01 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Vice President Dr. Isatou Touray in her address at the United Nations General Assembly emphasised that The Gambia believes in friendly relations between states as the bedrock of international solidarity and cooperation.

In this regard, VP Touray called on the United States to end the embargo against Cuba and pursue meaningful cooperation with its government and people, saying ‘let the embargo be a relic of history.’

“The Gambia is strongly committed to the principle of recognising only one-China. This is a cardinal principle of our foreign policy which hinges on further strengthening our excellent bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect, sovereign equality, and shared prosperity, a win-win approach.”

She said they are aware of the geopolitical competition for influence by regional and global powers, asserting that as small state members of the United Nations, they are more interested in cooperating in fighting poverty, climate change, conflicts and global insecurity.

“We want to see a world of shared prosperity and innovation. We share one planet and we owe it to posterity to leave it in a better shape. Let us eliminate this pandemic together and build forward better by leaving no one behind.”

Dwelling on the Covid-19 pandemic, she explained that the biggest lesson they have learned is that no one is safe without the other and that our institutions are not fit for purpose. She added that governments must use the lessons of this pandemic to engender critical reforms of their institutions so that they are better prepared for the next pandemic, climate event, or humanitarian catastrophe.

“The United Nations Development System is currently undergoing critical reforms and we are happy that it is adapting in ways that are contributing to the mitigation of the impact of Covid-19 in developing countries.”