Trust Bank reaffirms support to Jah Oil initiatives

Jul 2, 2024, 1:18 PM

Omar Mboob, the Deputy Managing Director (DMD) of Trust Bank Gambia Ltd. has expressed impression over transformative development epitomised by Hamidou Jah, the CEO of Jah Oil Company.

Mr. Mboob was astonished by the heavy investment initiated by Jah Oil at the Bayaba Rice Field in CRR where Mr. Jah funded a 7 kilometer road linking Karantaba Wolof village and Jah Oil Rice Field at Bayaba village in CRR.

He thus expressed Trust Bank's firm commitment to support Jah Oil CEO’s development initiatives, which he said will go a long way in helping this country to reduce the importation of rice and encourage youth employment in this country.  

The road was commissioned by the minister for Agriculture, Dr Demba Sabally, on behalf of the minister for Works and Transport.

Speaking in an interview on the sideline of the inauguration event, Mr. Mboob said the initiative was geared towards alleviating poverty and reducing importation of rice into this country.

“Considering the massive development made by CEO Jah Oil Company, you will automatically see to it that this is the way to go and it is the way forward for this country,” Mr. Mboob stated.

He hailed Hamidou Jah as someone with a great vision and heart to transform this country.

According to Mr. Mboob, the type of development that Hamidou Jah is embarking on at Bayaba rice field is something never seen in the history of the Gambia.

“We have gone around the road that has been cleared all the way from Karantaba Wolof to Bayaba village. And as a banker, we are happy to see the equipment that is being mobilized by CEO Jah Oil Company,” Mboob added.

Mr. Mboob believed that Jah CEO is going back to the land to ensure bumper rice cultivation as it is the solution for our country.  “Therefore, Gambians need to cherish and support the CEO’s development initiatives by going back to the land to alleviate poverty and cut down the importation of rice into the Gambia.

The head of Risk Management at Trust Bank, Kebba Joof, also expressed similar sentiments and commended CEO Jah for his commitment in investing heavily in agriculture.

He also cited that Trust Bank remains committed to giving support to any private sector that is ready to work with the bank.

The former deputy minister of Agriculture during the Jammeh regime, M.S. Kah, equally extolled CEO Jah for investing heavily at Bayaba Rice Field and the construction of the road from Karantaba Wolof to Bayaba River Site. He described it as no small measure, saying it is all about the love and heart that Mr. Jah has for this country.