Thieves allegedly steal 53 gallons of palm oil

Nov 6, 2020, 11:05 AM | Article By: Ousman Jallow

A suspected group of thieves are reported to have stolen 53 gallons of palm oil from Siraji Jallow’s shop in Bansang, Upper Fulladu South in Central River Region.

The incident at the shop near the ferry crossing point happened at night.

The stolen palm oil is valued at over 70,000 dalasis.

The thieves are reported to have left Siraji Jallow and his family poor.

Mr. Jallow, a renowned palm oil businessman within Sami District appealed to security personnel within the area to bring the thieves to book.

He also appealed to everyone within the region who comes across or knows the thieves to report them to the nearest police station for the safety of the society. He also appealed to people to be vigilant to also avoid being victims.

He further appealed for assistance from anyone who can help him with food aid for the sustenance of his family as well as the continuous schooling of his children.

Customers expressed sympathy and sadness with the incident, saying Siraji’s business has been of great help to people living within the area. 

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