Senegal reduces prices of basic commodities, rent

Jun 14, 2024, 12:55 PM

The Senegalese government yesterday announced significant reduction in the prices of several foodstuffs as well as other products and services.

The effectiveness of this move will be determined at the end of the Council’s national consumption meeting the next week.

The government is rendering an effort of 53.4 billion CFA francs as subsidy to relieve the Senegalese people without upsetting the balance of public finances, “from now on”.

According to the Minister and Secretary General of the Government, Ahmadou Al Aminou Lo, the subsidy and price reduction measures should in no way benefit the privileged. But to those who really need assistance from the government.

“We will now ensure that subsidy measures and price reductions are targeted measures,” he stated.

Also, he cited an instance and asked: “I'll just give an example: today oil, gasoline and diesel are subsidised. Is it normal that the minister that I am can benefit from this subsidy?”

He further asked: “Is it normal that the general managers of private companies, Sonatel, representatives of the International Monetary Fund, diplomats accredited to Dakar, all benefit from this subsidy?”

He thus stated: “From now on, rewinds Al Aminou Lo, we will work towards targeting subsidies. This is what corresponds to the new governance of a sovereign, just and prosperous Senegal. We will now have to ensure that it is the people who really need assistance who will benefit from it.”

However, the minister did not comment on the means and methods to be implemented to carry out optimal targeting.

Sources Seneweb.com