MOICI to introduce Google Plus Code System in Banjul

Jan 20, 2021, 12:27 PM | Article By: Isatou Ceesay Bah

The Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure in partnership with Google is introducing the Google+code through the Banjul City Council.

With the Google+code system, one needs not to hassle and tussle to navigate to your destinations.

One of the benefits of the idea is to revitalise the city's postal service deliveries of mails and packages. It will help government and businesses to have accurate and accessible customer database, the plus codes addresses will be easily shared with emergency services to fast reach the location of any emergency cases.

The service is user friendly, accessible and it's for free, directing friends and families in the remotest part of the city.

Residents, businesses and various government agencies could use this Google+code to improve their mode of navigation and commutation to save time.

The service would increase the efficiency of delivery of services and make utility services like garbage collection, electricity delivery bills, taxi direction and mail delivery much more effective and efficient.

The PRO of Banjul City Council, Modou Lamin Bah, stated that the initiative is part of the City Council's drive in order to make Banjul a Smart City and also the city of the future.

The code plates, he noted are already available and the team is ready to install them in all the locations in Banjul.

He further explained that each building would have an address board affixed to the main entrance of the building representing the plus code address for the building or the compound.