MOBSE says no examination malpractice recorded yet 

Sep 13, 2021, 1:44 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

Lamin Jobe, statistician at the Permanent Secretary’s office, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MOBSE), said the Basic Ministry has not discovered any examination malpractice yet.

“I think this year we are very much optimistic that examination malpractice is going to happen but not yet. We have not seen any report yet and we have not heard such instances yet,” he told journalists during a monitoring visit to senior schools at Ndow’s Comprehensive Senior Secondary School on Wednesday.

The monitoring visit happened following a research conducted by MOBSE showing that lots of examination malpractices have been happening over the years in the grade nine and grade twelve examinations.

However, he said, this year MOBSE has put mechanisms in place to prevent examination malpractice in the country such as series of sensitisation at schools targeting head teachers, head boys, head girls, school management committee’s chairs and exam officials.

He added that the ministry also conducted radio sensitisation to the public to make sure that they all understand the consequences of examination malpractice.

Speaking further, he said the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has also done their own briefings to examine officials. “We (MOBSE) equally joined WAEC in their briefing to equally talk to exams external supervisors, internal supervisors, invigilators and students so that they know the dangers of examination malpractice,” he said.

He added: “The consequences of examination malpractice are huge and therefore, that is why the ministry embarks on the monitory visit.”

Mr. Jobe said all MOBSE stakeholders are working harder to make sure examination malpractice is prevented through a series of sensitisation to students and exam officials.

“Anyone found wanting in such ugly practice will be dealt with by the ministry,” he noted.

Pa Samba Baldeh, head of WAEC Banjul office, said the monitoring visit aimed at strengthening examination official effort such as supervisors and invigilator to ensure examination malpractice does not happen.

“One of the objectives of inspection is to prevent exam malpractice,” he added.

Baldeh further said his office has sensitised exam officials and head of school on exam rules and regulations so that they execute their function accordingly and prevent exam malpractice.

He added that his office has initiated monitors to assist the supervisors and invigilators during examination in order to help to prevent examination malpractice.